Satyanarayan Katha

satyanarayan Bhagwan

Satyanarayan Puja can be performed on any day, though it is considered most auspicious on full day (Purnima) per the Hindu calendar (Panchang). The Puja/ prayer can be performed in the morning or preferably in the evening time after taking bath. The devotees should observe a fast if possible till the holy offering or Prasadam is offered to Lord Satyanarayan. A Prasadam is prepared by the devotees which is called Panchamrit (concoction of 5 things- milk, honey, sugar, yogurt and Ghee) and a Kasaar/ Panjiri (mixture of roasted wheat flour, sugar, dry fruits, fresh Basil (tulsi) leaves and fruits including banana and apple).... The front/ entrance door is decorated with mango leaves. An altar is placed in an East-West direction and is decorated with fresh flowers or by making a Rangoli. A Kalash (any metal or earthen) is put in the middle of the altar. A coconut wrapped in red cloth is placed on top of the kalash along with the Mango leaves. A picture or Idol of Lord Satyanarayan is now placed on the altar. Fresh flowers or garland, Kumkum are applied/ put on the picture. The devotees participating or mere listening should face the altar. Now the puja starts by first remembering lord Ganesh for good luck, followed by Navgraha puja and Kalash puja. The main puja of lord Satyanarayan starts by reciting the Katha or the story of lord Satyanarayan, which is divided in 5 parts emphasizing on when the Katha started, benefits of the puja, who all performed the holy puja and what were the repercussions on people who offended the auspicious puja or lord Satyanarayan and the afterlife of these people. The katha should be listened or chanted carefully and peacefully by all present in the prayers. It is then followed by the Aarti (holy prayer) of the deity. The devotees bow before the lord (picture/ idol) and ask for forgiveness and fulfilment of their desires. Now the Prasadam is offered to God and later distributed among all as blessings of the Almighty himself.


Shree Satyanarayan Puja is a puja or worship which is dedicated to Lord Vishnu (the Preserver), one among the great Hindu trinities. The word “Satyanarayan” is an amalgamation of two words, ‘Satya’ means truth, ‘Narayan’ means the highest and ultimate form of being or the supreme man; that means Lord Vishnu is the personification of the truth. The puja is said to being performed from ancient times and dates to the Skanda Purana (holy book). It is written that Narada a Hindu sage (sadhu) asked lord Vishnu the mantra or the way to end the miseries of the people on Earth. In response, Lord himself told, that worshipping lord Satyanarayan will be the ultimate way of happiness and Moksha in the Kaliyuga (current period per the Hindu mythology). This Puja is considered very holy and hence it is considered very auspicious to get it done at home during special events like child birth, birthdays, marriages, house warming (Greh Pravesh) or on any happy occasions. People also conduct the puja when they are suffering from illness or even incurring losses or when they intend to fulfill their desires. The puja protects you from conducting evil and teaches us to be on the path of goodness and truth.

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